Our brand

Our brand identity provides consistent foundations for the image of the brand. The brand essence describes what our brand stands for in one sentence. The three brand values differentiate the brand in various ways from the competition. The core value is the basis for everything – expressing the origins and evolution of the brand. The differential value highlights the important difference between the brand and its competitors.

It answers the question of which values differentiate the brand. The character value describes the individuality of the brand as it has evolved. It gives the brand its personality. Each of the three brand values then has its own tonality. The tonalities indicate how the brand values should be interpreted. Everything together completes the brand personality. The brand identity acts as a point of orientation as we work day-to-day with the brand.

The brand design

We have developed an image for our brand based on the brand identity. An important aspect of this process was to highlight the familial component. It was important that the colour and shape of the design should immediately convey warmth and positive energy, while also expressing aspects related to truth and integrity, such as a scientific basis and evidence. We solved this challenge by combining two different shapes and colours. The shapes – a circle and a stylised leaf – were each extracted from the existing logo (see below) and rearranged. The new image thus builds on the previous one – retaining a sense of tradition while focusing on the future. It symbolises positive change and sustainable creative energy.