Sustainability at MEDICE

From generations for generations.

Our journey from a medicinal product manufacturer to a sustainable, holistic healthcare company

As a healthcare company, the core of our activities are based around humanity, a respectful relationship with our environment, and appropriate sustainable economic activity.

In the current day and age, almost every company claims to be acting “sustainably”. As a company it is no longer possible to ignore this inherently positive “trend”. Naturally, this applies in particular to the healthcare sector, of which we are a part in our role as a medicinal product manufacturer.

Sustainable business management

Every person and every business can make a contribution to the responsible use of our resources. “The planet does not need us, but we need our planet.” There is no better way to highlight this point.

For years, we have placed a conscientious and effective focus on ecological and social sustainability criteria, and our company is well-known for this work. This is also an important reason why many people have chosen to work at MEDICE.

What we are doing

We believe that it is important for us to make a contribution to climate protection - wherever possible. We have been doing this for years. . At our site in Iserlohn, we are now generating more than one third of our energy needs ourselves, and to achieve this we have constructed two of our own ultra-low emission combined heat and power generators on our premises. We also have cutting-edge photovoltaic systems covering a large area. We have made e-bikes available to our staff, and we strive to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible in the manufacture of our canteen food. To achieve this, we focus on the consistent use of regional and seasonal produce. If regional produce is not available, we make effort to use products with the nationwide “Bio” quality label.

We minimise unnecessary food waste using an advanced system devised by the “GREEN GUIDES” consultancy firm. This is not only good for the environment, but we are also able to save significant costs.

Nachhaltigkeit bei MEDICE

Economic sustainability at MEDICE

First and foremost, we are a commercial enterprise. In order to secure the future of our company in the long-term, we need to make sure that we are economically successful. The goal of any company must be to guarantee its own long-term survival and the jobs associated with it. As such, the majority of our profits are reinvested into the company in a targeted manner, to make sure that we also lay the economic foundations for future generations. Only when we are financially successful can we invest in the most cutting-edge environmental technology. To provide another example, it is only in this way that we are able to continue to promote our numerous initiatives to tackle global species extinction, such as the creation and maintenance of diverse, species-rich meadows, and the bolstering of bee numbers with our own beehives on our land in Iserlohn.

We are aware that we are by no means perfect. However, we are learning every day. We are always in a process of self-development, and we have now even employed a staff member at the Iserlohn site whose role is almost exclusively to focus on sustainability issues.

Nachhaltigkeit bei MEDICE

One way in which we stand out from most other companies is that we have even founded a separate business division with our “sustainable4U” initiative. This division is devoted fully to sustainability issues, and we are certain that it will also be a profitable investment. And why not? Doing good things and fulfilling a higher purpose - THIS is the foundation for sustainable economic success.

And this is precisely what we are doing right now with a lot of effort and high investment. We are advancing MEDICE - from a medicinal product manufacturer to a sustainable, holistic healthcare company.

In so doing, we are not limiting ourselves to individual “environmental projects”, but instead we are focussing on a grand, higher objective. It is our belief that social engagement and successful economic activity play a role alongside environmental and climate protection in sustainable business management, and we have held this belief for decades.