Social sustainability at MEDICE

Enduring good work - a family tradition

We devote these pages to the memory of Dr. med. Sigurd Pütter, holder of the German Federal Cross of Merit, 1st Class.

Social and corporate engagement are not just an integral part of our strategy, but they are also deeply embedded in the DNA of our family business. As part of the second generation of the family managing MEDICE, Dr. Sigurd Pütter did not only mould the positive development of the company, but also the company culture. And his input played a decisive role. Assuming social, corporate and cultural responsibility was always a personal concern of his.

His motto was “Never put the breaks on a racehorse”.

This undamped creative power and the will to make things happen and enact positive changes was particularly noticeable when it came to helping, furthering and supporting other people.

For today’s directors, it is a natural desire to want to further the charitable works of Sigurd Pütter by continuing to operate with great engagement.

Soziale Nachhaltigkeit bei MEDICE

Individual projects and initiatives for which we are happy to take social responsibility:

Engagement in sport:

Regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining health. Sport prevents obesity, lowers the risk of degenerative diseases, and promotes mental harmony. Sports activities also have a positive influence on body systems such as breathing, muscles, bones, the heart, circulation, and the digestive and immune systems.

For us, therefore, a holistic approach to health includes providing targeted support for sporting events and sports clubs.

We have been supporting local sport in Iserlohn for many years now. This includes supporting the local professional ice-hockey team the “Roosters”, the “Iserlohn Kangaroos” basketball team, as well as promoting equestrian sport by sponsoring a large, international equestrian event every year.

In addition to our regional activities, we are also particularly proud that we support sporting events at a global level. For the third time in a row, we are the official supplier to the German Olympic Team, and our high-quality medicinal products represent our contribution to the health and fitness of the Olympians.

Cultural engagement:

Music and culture are a balm for the soul. They promote spiritual and social development and contribute to an inner sense of balance, sustainably improving our cognitive abilities and triggering the production of happy hormones.

For this reason, we believe that taking a holistic approach to health also means making a contribution to promoting cultural projects.

Soziale Nachhaltigkeit bei MEDICE

Global engagement:

For us, taking a holistic approach to health means engagement at both a local and global level. Our support knows no borders.

The Sigurd Pütter Village in Sri Lanka

The name Sri Lanka means “radiantly beautiful, resplendent land”, but there is also a dark side. It is certainly safe to say that the people of Sri Lanka are “deeply afflicted”. Poverty, critical shortages, civil war, tsunami, flooding, and Dengue Fever are just some of the challenges that have been faced by the people of Sri Lanka.

Sigurd Pütter was deeply moved by the cruel fate of the inhabitants of the country. It quickly became clear to him that the people required his aid. When he learned of the charity work of the Iserlohn resident Lutz Malaschöwski, the former MEDICE CEO provided active support for many years, and over time he founded twelve residential buildings and five kindergartens in the region of Bentota, creating what could almost be considered a Sigurd Pütter Village.