Friend-Ship Gastronomie GmbH receives Bioland certification


The employee catering of Friend-Ship Gastronomie GmbH for the Iserlohn headquarters of MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG was awarded the Bioland certification in silver. The company offers regional and seasonal dishes as part of its company catering.

With this, Friend-Ship GmbH meets the pulse of time: The demand for sustainable, enjoyable and high-quality offers in gastronomy is constantly increasing. With its Bioland-certified range of meals, Friend-Ship offers MEDICE employees and guests clear added value through healthy, tasty and varied catering and event catering.

With more than 7,700 producer operations, including farmers and gardeners, and with more than 1,100 partners in manufacturing and trade - such as bakeries, dairies, and restaurants - Bioland is the leading organic growers' association in Germany. The association's overarching goal is to promote organic farming and the spread of organic foods in the foodservice industry.

Companies that opt for Bioland certification actively strive for the highest possible quality in food processing. "We aim to provide healthy, high-quality and sustainable catering and thus actively support MEDICE's workplace health promotion for all employees. Our concept for a varied catering is based on regional food purchasing. We source organic foods from beyond the region for our own products and meat-reduced menus," says Carsten Griesbach, Managing Director of Friend-Ship Gastronomie GmbH.

About Friend-Ship GmbH:

Friend-Ship Gastronomie GmbH is a subsidiary of sustainable4U GmbH, an important pillar of the sustainability strategy of the MEDICE group of companies. sustainable4U GmbH develops and implements interlocking nutrition, health and environmental concepts and thus contributes to the quality of life of people in different phases of life and to the preservation of a stable environment. Friend-Ship Gastronomie GmbH implements the measures in the areas of gastronomy and events at MEDICE's corporate headquarters in Iserlohn. Optimized production and processing of food reduces storage costs and transport routes.