Take your health into your own hands

For patients, individual and independent health care is becoming increasingly important. Whether it's a cold, a gastrointestinal illness, or skin problems, patients want more than ever to be able to help themselves, treat minor ailments, and improve their own well-being. They are looking for information on their own responsibility via the Internet, and the first stop for symptoms of illness is increasingly the pharmacy rather than the doctor's office.

Self-medication focuses primarily on aspects such as speed, availability, and proportionality: There is no need to wait for an appointment with a doctor and sit in a waiting room with minor complaints. At the pharmacy, patients and customers receive targeted information on their complaints as well as expert information on over-the-counter medicines, so-called OTC products ("over-the-counter"), which they can use for self-medication.

Over-the-counter medication - more in demand than ever before

The market for over-the-counter preparations continues to develop. In 2019, a 3 % increase in sales was recorded compared to the previous year. Additionally, a study by the German Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (Bundesverband der Arzneimittel-Hersteller e. V.) shows that pharmacies have become even more important as a point of consultation for 64% of respondents (especially during the Corona pandemic). However, pharmacy mail order is also becoming increasingly important in the OTC segment. With the introduction of the so-called e-prescription, favored by consumers, the acceptance and attractiveness of redeeming the same products and service through a mail-order pharmacy is also increasing.

Advantages mail order pharmacy

  • convenient ordering process from home
  • good comparability of prices
  • home delivery

Advantages on-site pharmacy

  • direct procurement of acutely needed medicines
  • personal consultation
  • emergency service

Whether you purchase medicines for self-treatment in the on-site pharmacy or by mail order - you can rely on the experience and expertise of MEDICE as well as the quality of our medicines and medical devices. Because your health is our motivation.