Our family company

Independence and responsibility in our genes

Founded by medical practitioners, directed by medical practitioners – for over 65 years we have been setting yardsticks in the German pharmaceutical industry as one of the most successful family companies, and we have been doing this fully conscious of our responsibilities, with great innovative energy and sustainable actions. Because the individual person is always at the centre, even in company management, MEDICE today is much more than just a producer of pharmaceuticals. It is a reliable partner, a fair employer and a dynamic driving force for medical progress.

With our unique business culture, the third generation is now providing evidence that economic success can very well be based on human principles.

(left to right) Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer, Dr Sigurd Pütter, Dr Katja Pütter-Ammer, Dr Dr Richard Ammer, Eric Neyret

Dr med. Sigurd Pütter

Dr Sigurd Pütter is a member of the Board of Managing Directors of MEDICE.

Dr Sigurd Pütter, born 1942, first completed basic business training after taking the Abitur [school-leaving examination at 18], then studied medicine in Bonn and did a PhD in Tübingen.

He came to work at MEDICE in 1970. After the death of his father, Gustav Pütter, in 1977, he took over administration of the business as sole director and built it up to its present size.

In 1982, the senate of Tübingen University bestowed on him the title of Honorary Senator, for services rendered within and outside the university to furthering medical research and to continuing medical education in his region.

Dr Sigurd Pütter is also moreover fully involved with a number of honorary appointments. He is, for example, vice-chairman of the South Westphalia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of the business initiative Pro A46, campaigning to close the motorway gap between Iserlohn and Arnsberg. For twenty years he sat, in addition, on the Board of the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V. (BPI) [the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association]

In 2013, for his outstanding commitment both to the economy and to the common good, Dr Sigurd Pütter was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz 1st class [the German Order of Merit].

Dr med. Katja Pütter-Ammer

Dr Katja Pütter-Ammer is a member of the Board of Managing Directors of MEDICE.

Dr Katja Pütter-Ammer was born in 1967 in Iserlohn. She is a medical doctor with a further qualification as Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

After her studies she worked as a doctor in Munich University Hospital and then went to Boston to do research at Tufts University, where she was also awarded Harvard University's Certificate of Studies in Business and Administration.

She subsequently changed to work in clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Since 2001 Dr Katja Pütter-Ammer has been a member of the Board of Managing Directors of MEDICE. 

Since 2010 Dr Katja Pütter-Ammer has been a member of the task force "Marke im Pharmamarkt" [Brands in the Pharmaceutical Market].

Dr med. Dr oec. Richard Ammer

Dr. med. Dr. oec. Richard Ammer is active as managing owner, as general manager since 2003 responsible for search & development, medical & regulatory affairs, manufacturing, market access and international marketing & distribution. 

Dr. med. Dr. oec. Richard Ammer, born in Munich, graduated in medicine (Technical University Munich, Harvard Medical School Boston). His basic and clinical research on atrial fibrillation for which he obtained his PhD was awarded by the European Society in Cardiology with the Young Investigator Award in Basic Science in 2001 (Stockholm).

Specializing in cardiac and renal care Dr. Ammer pursued his clinical education in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (1996-2000), the German Heart Center (2000-2001) and the University Hospital in Muenster (since 2001), where today he is responsible for patients undergoing dialysis and renal transplant and where he runs the anemia unit. He also established the nation-wide network of excellence and competence on cardiac arrhythmias (BMBF sponsored) which he ran as general manager from 2002 to 2004

His studies in business administration and economics he pursued at University St. Gallen (1992-1996), and Harvard Extension School (1996 -1999) completing his PhD in 2005. Since 2001 Dr. Ammer is assistant professor at University St. Gallen (CH).

In the family-owned pharmaceutical company MEDICE Dr. Ammer is active as managing owner, as general manager since 2003 responsible for search & development, medical & regulatory affairs, manufacturing, market access and international marketing & distribution.  

In parallel, since 2006 Dr. Ammer is board member and VP of the German Pharmaceutical Association with a focus on R&D

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer is General Manager of the Marketing and Sales (OTC products) and Medical Science (OTC) departments.

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer, who was born on 6th July 1964 in Münster, is a licensed pharmacist. He presented his thesis at the University of Münster's Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology and Phytochemistry.

Dr Kreimeyer has many years of experience in communications management. After setting up, then selling an advertising agency, while still writing his PhD, he joined the herbal remedy manufacturer Sertürner Arzneimittel and was subsequently involved, as a member of the Board and chairman of Marketing and Sales, in founding the startup, Redinomedica AG.

Dr Kreimeyer sold his Redinomedica shares and then, as marketing director for 11 years, influenced marketing at MCM Klosterfrau, until at the end of 2012 he decided of his own accord to become independent again and founded Kreimeyer Consulting GmbH. Through his work as a consultant he gained deeper insight into MEDICE and the possibilities it offered. 

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer has been General Manager of the Marketing and Sales (OTC/OTX products) and Medical Science (OTC) departments since 01.01.2014.

For many years Dr Kreimeyer has been committed to ensuring a good image for self-medication. Since 2002 he has been a member of the communication and public relations committee of the BAH [German federal association of pharmaceutical manufacturers] and was considerably involved in the campaign initiated by the BAH for 'green prescriptions'.

In recognition of his commitment to the BAH, in 2010 he received the Hans W. Bach medal for merit. Since 2015 Dr. Kreimeyer has been a member of the executive board of the BAH.

Eric Neyret

Eric Neyret is General Manager of the Finance, Controlling and Administration departments.

Eric Neyret was born in Lyon (France) in 1964, where he also graduated in Politics, with economics as his special subject.

After training he worked for many years in international pharmaceutical companies. His work focused at that time on setting up regional organisations to make the companies more international, and on developing the structures necessary in the wake of this company expansion, as well as on commercial projects.

Most recently, as vice-chairman of Finance & Services – CFO Europe, he directed the Controlling, Finance, IT and Purchasing departments of an international pharmaceutical company.

At MEDICE he has been General Manager since mid-2012 of the Finance, Controlling and Administration departments.

MEDICE's international expansion and dramatic growth in recent years required new national and international structures to be set up, which Eric Neyret has been able to accomplish successfully due to his many years' experience.