Transformation of the Health Family

The door to the future is wide open

The next major step now lies ahead: Completing the integration process, optimising the innovative structures even further and transforming the company into a leading international developer and provider of innovative, integrated and highly diverse healthcare solutions. Our aim is to develop suitable preventative and therapeutic concepts for every stage of an illness; from the initial onset through to acute symptoms by integrating pharmaceutical, digital, and nutritional medicine expertise and combining them together within an innovative preventative and therapeutic management system.

In line with this approach, the company possesses three interdisciplinary fields of expertise:

  1. Pharmaceutics
  2. Digital Health
  3. Nutritional Medicine

Efficient preventative and therapeutic concepts

We constantly analyse the needs of doctors, pharmacists and patients in every field of clinical indication to develop evidence-based preventative and therapeutic solutions using a continuous and overarching innovation process that incorporates our interdisciplinary fields of expertise. MEDICE has opened a whole new dimension of medical care with these integrated and continually updated healthcare solutions. Our aim is to deliver a level of therapy to patients and their relatives in the future that is far beyond what can currently be achieved.

Our structure arises from our strategic realignment towards defined fields of the future for integrated healthcare solutions

Every member of our family has a vision and a mission, which in turn contribute to the general values and goals of MEDICE – The Health Family. As with any good family, this internal cohesion gives us the strength and determination to successfully follow our ambitious path with combined vigour.

It is my personal goal to combine the expertise of the companies in the MEDICE Health Family so that our vision – of becoming a leading global developer and provider of innovative, integrated and diverse health solutions – can be realised.

Dr. med. Katja Pütter-Ammer

Our vision and mission define the architecture of the family house. Every building starts with a solid foundation that supports and strengthens a house in order for it to stand securely and to grow further. We are very proud of our particularly strong and solid foundation: development, administration, manufacturing and distribution are the cornerstone of our success and therefore the basis for our growth. Today and in the future. Together we are the Health Family. Together we work for a healthier world.

The six pillars of the Health Family are:


Developing high-quality medicines, producing them in Germany and selling them in our home market and around the world – this is the driving force behind MEDICE and thus the very heart of the Health Family. Here we focus in the prescription area on ADHD, nephrology and urology.

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PCC / MEDICE with Schaper & Brümmer

Primary and consumer care (PCC) covers all non-prescription products and medicines sold in pharmacies (OTC), as well as medicines that are prescribed by doctors but not reimbursed by the statutory health care insurance providers (OTX).

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With diverse digital solutions under the medigital brand, we want to give therapists the opportunity to individualise and improve patient management, even with non-pharmacological intervention options

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At the interface between science and medical practice, we develop and sell pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic concepts/products for intestinal health. As a leading medical provider for doctors in the area of intestinal wall diagnostics and therapeutics, the company provides practices and clinics with an integrated range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

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sustainable4u – Our expert for people and health

With sustainable4U we develop innovative and integrated solutions for the areas of nutrition, health and the environment. In doing so, complex interrelationships are viewed holistically and transformed into actionable measures and tangible concepts.

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