Nephrology with a System

Now with 30 years of experience in the field of nephrology, MEDICE has earned the status of a recognized nephrology specialist for practices and dialysis centers. Our in-depth understanding and dialogue with local physicians allows us to develop products that meet individual challenges. The focus is on renal anemia (anemia of the blood) and CKD-MBD (disorders of mineral and bone balance), which means that the company covers almost all indications of kidney disease.

Praise for MEDICE

Source: AFS, 2016

  • A reputable company, has a good reputation in nephrology.
  • Medium sized large family company - with both feet on the ground and very professional oriented.
  • One of the few companies that has consistently served me for years.

In cooperation with some well-known nephrologists, MEDICE publishes the professional journal NEFRO-CME three times a year. This service, also free of charge, provides information on different, current topics in each issue and contributes to the ongoing education of physicians.


In addition to a wide range of products, MEDICE also offers a comprehensive patient service. There is a whole range of free brochures on various topics relating to kidney disease, dialysis, and nutrition, including prescription booklets.

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