Iserlohn: Medice and municipal enterprise create insect paradise


The company Medice and the municipal enterprise Iserlohn-Hemer join forces: That is why they are creating more and more flowering areas.

A sea of sunflowers - this dreamlike sight is offered to all who take a turn through Kantstraße in Iserlohn. There, next to the kindergarten and around the soccer field, the Stadtbetrieb Iserlohn-Hemer (SIH) and the company Medice - The Health Family are once again joining forces.

This cooperation has now been in place for three years, and this time Dr. Katja Pütter-Ammer, managing partner of the Iserlohn-based pharmaceutical company, is sponsoring additional flowering areas: in the Alexanderhöhe park and on Kantstraße. The flowering areas, which serve as a source of food for insects, cover an area of 30,000 square meters.

Care also assured

In March 2020, 3600 square meters on the company's premises and in adjacent areas were transformed into flowering meadows, and in 2021 several areas were sown in Gerlingsen. "We are very pleased that this sustainable partnership has already lasted for years," explains SIH agronomist Raphael Kinold. And, "If it's up to us and the citizens of this town, this cooperation is welcome to continue for a long time." He adds that the financial contribution not only makes it possible to plant the meadows, but also ensures their subsequent maintenance.

"People really appreciate the fact that we can stand up together for insect protection because of generous donations like the one from Mrs. Pütter-Ammer. And that just makes the work go down even easier," says Kinold.

"Together for a healthier world" is the credo of the Medice Health Family. With its own company "sustainable4U" GmbH, founded in 2020, the sustainability commitment is accompanied. "We have made it our goal to contribute to the quality of life of people in different phases of life and to the preservation of natural areas with the help of interlocking nutrition, health and environmental concepts. This includes a commitment to natural areas such as flowering areas, which now provide a largely protected home for numerous bee colonies," says Franziska Dolle, Director Strategy & Operation of "sustainable4U".

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