MEDICE Health Family establishes digital division Medigital


The MEDICE Health Family expands its product portfolio with digital health applications by founding the Medigital division.

MEDICE is a dynamic, medium-sized, fully integrated and third-generation family-owned company. Managed by medical professionals, the company embodies a long-standing tradition and expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical development, quality-controlled production and international distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the prescription (RX) and self-medication (PCC Primary & Consumer Care) sectors.

With the goal of becoming a leading developer and provider of integrated and diverse healthcare solutions, the healthcare company MEDICE has strategically invested in digital health and nutrition companies throughout the past years in order to integrate them into the overall concept.

MEDICE no longer only manufactures pharmaceuticals, but now also develops digital health solutions in addition to pharmaceutical ones. With this step, MEDICE is responding to a changing healthcare market in which new therapies and services are emerging and whose growth is being fueled by increasing digitalization. In order to cope with the complexity of this task and to strategically align and position the company for the future, Medigital has now been established as a new digital division within the MEDICE Health Family. Medigital will be led by Dr. Felix Lambrecht, previously CEO of anvajo and managing director of the joint venture between MEDICE and anvajo, Smart Care Solutions.

"We are very pleased that Dr. Felix Lambrecht, a managing director who is very experienced in this field, will take over Medigital and thus develop the digital strategy for our RX core indications, but also for PCC in perspective," explains Dr. Katja Pütter-Ammer, managing partner of MEDICE.

Medigital is intended to improve the success of therapy and thus the lives of patients, in which in the future therapists as well as patients will have the opportunity to use digital interventions in addition to pharmacological therapies. This will increase the toolbox of therapies and enable even more individualized and personalized care for people.

In each core indication, collaborations are being established with other players in the digital health world. In addition to the own subsidiary eyelevel, which is dedicated to child and adolescent psychiatry, there are investments in promising start-ups, such as Selfapy and anvajo.

With Selfapy, the MEDICE Health Family can rely on a specialized provider of online psychological courses and digital health applications in the field of mental health (mild and moderate depression, anxiety, panic and eating disorders).

anvajo is a Dresden-based technology company developing a high-quality wearable device and a complete analytical solution for screening and monitoring of diseases, e.g. Chronic Kidney Failure. Aspects of home monitoring are integrated via the strategic cooperation with anvajo.

In addition, the company cooperates with experienced software providers such as the Adesso Group and various professional associations.

With these and other cooperations in the Medigital segment, the MEDICE Health Family is establishing all the necessary conditions to provide patients and their relatives with care that will be far above the currently feasible therapy level in the future.

"Digital health applications will continue to gain importance in the coming years. We continue to see a lot of growth potential here and are pleased to have taken an important step in this direction with the founding of Medigital," explains Dr. Richard Ammer, managing partner of MEDICE.