MEDICE The Health Family shapes the future


As an established pharmaceutical manufacturer, MEDICE is courageously embracing the growth trends of digitalization and sustainability. In addition to founding the start-up eyelevel ( and lead funding anvajo (, MEDICE is courageously entering into strategic collaborations, most recently with SELFAPY (

  • With its portfolio of medications and service programs, MEDICE is a leading provider
    • in the indication field ADHD, with almost 50% of prescriptions in Germany and 25% in Europe, known by psychiatrists, neurologists, neurologists. ADHD in adults is often associated with co-morbidities, e.g. depression with 50%.
    • In the indication field of chronic kidney disease
  • SELFAPY is a specialized provider of online courses and Digital Health Applications (DiGAs) in the field of mental health and is now permanently listed in the DiGA Directory (DiGA-Verzeichnis ( with its DiGA for mild and moderate depression (F32.0, F32.1, F33.0; F33.1), also offers DiGAs for anxiety (F41) and panic disorders (F41).

With DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, MEDICE aims to provide therapists with the ability to individualize and improve patient management, even with non-pharmacological intervention options. This gives the therapist the ability to prescribe evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy as DIGA on prescription, providing patients with effective, clinically proven online courses and self-training.