Nature education for children: MEDICE Health Family supports the Iserlohn Stiftungshof


The MEDICE Health Family is sending a strong signal for the sustainable promotion of children's education by supporting the NaturSpielWerkstatt Lindenhaus e.V. at the Stiftungshof in the north of Iserlohn as a sponsoring member. The non-profit organization responsible for the educational workshop at the Stiftungshof is looking for financial supporters and sponsors to further develop the ESD-certified extracurricular learning location.

"We are particularly pleased that our environmental education work at the Stiftungshof is being appreciated with this first corporate sponsorship from a company based in Iserlohn. As a small association with a lot of voluntary commitment and a vision for sustainable educational work, we are dependent on support of this kind," says Lisa Tigges, nature educator / passionate association member and active for the educational workshop at the Stiftungshof.

The MEDICE Health Family is further expanding its social and ecological commitment in the region by financially supporting the environmental education work of the NaturSpielWerkstatt Lindenhaus e.V. at the Iserlohn Stiftungshof with its adventure, meeting and educational spaces since January 2024.

The financial support from the MEDICE Health Family enables the association to expand its educational offerings at the Stiftungshof and sensitize even more children to topics such as environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainability.

The Iserlohn Stiftungshof, set up by the Märkisches Sauerland Foundation, is an oasis of nature education. As part of an experience-oriented ESD concept, kindergarten and school children of different age groups are given the opportunity to discover and experience the different living environments of their surroundings up close in direct contact with sheep, goats, chickens and bee colonies. The focus is on practical activities that deepen understanding of ecological relationships and convey the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

"We are convinced that education is the key to a sustainable future. NaturSpielWerkstatt Lindenhaus e.V. makes an invaluable contribution with the educational workshop at the Stiftungshof by giving children an understanding of nature and its protection," says Dr. Katja Pütter-Ammer, Managing Partner of MEDICE.

As part of the collaboration, the MEDICE Health Family invited their employees to a family farm day at the Stiftungshof. Employees had the opportunity to experience an afternoon of fun and education with their children during the special atmosphere of lambing time on the farm.

"Together for a healthier world" - this is what the MEDICE Health Family brand stands for. For years, MEDICE has strived to combine innovation, sustainability and responsibility in all its business and social activities. Supporting the environmental education work of the Bildungswerkstatt fits seamlessly into this commitment. "Promoting environmental awareness and sustainable education among our youngest fellow human beings ultimately forms the basis for an (ecologically) healthy future," says Dr. Katja Pütter-Ammer.