"With diverse digital solutions under the medigital brand, we want to offer therapists the possibility to individualise and improve patient management, even with non-pharmacological intervention options."

Dr. med. Katja Pütter-Ammer, Dr. med. Dr. oec. Richard Ammer


Our digital strategy focuses on the expansion and integration of digital options in our business areas of child, adolescent and adult psychiatry as well as nephrology.

Due to the complexity and the required agility, we are working on these tasks both with self-founded companies and with partners.

Accordingly, in addition to founding our own start-up, eyelevel (, we have entered into further strategic cooperation with innovative companies, most recently with SELFAPY (

The diversity of the network is represented as the "digital" pillar in our "medigital" brand.


With the help of eyelevel, we have created scalable, digital, diagnostic and therapeutic tools to ensure both direct communication between all users, as well as the exchange of all relevant treatment data via one platform. This leads to more effective care for the affected person and their personal environment.

Children and adolescents today are confronted with major challenges that correlate to their personal development. Climate change, the Corona pandemic, numerous economic and political conflicts and, last but not least, advancing technologies put a strain on families in particular. As part of the MEDICE Health Family, eyelevel creates solutions that support families in their everyday lives to counter these resulting stresses as well as promote the mental health of all family members. The main focus is on digital health applications - i.e. software as a medical product - with the aim of supporting the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of various mental disorders in childhood and adolescence.


With Selfapy, we have a specialised provider of online courses and digital health apps in the field of mental health in our pocket. With its DiGA for mild and moderate depression, as well as its Selfapy course for generalised anxiety disorders for female patients, the company is permanently listed in the directory for digital health applications of the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices.

As part of a co-promotion, MEDICE supports the company in informing therapists in relevant specialist groups about the excellent clinical evidence of Selfapy Depression and Selfapy Anxiety in order to provide evidence-based, non-pharmacological treatment options.