As a venture capital company, MediVentures brings together innovative start-ups with the broad range of industry experience in the MEDICE Group to realize promising ideas for the healthcare sector of tomorrow.

Philipp Große


MediVentures provides the MEDICE Health Family with access to the therapies and diagnostic tools of tomorrow and beyond.


We invest in promising start-ups in the areas of biotech, diagnostics and digital therapies. We provide those companies in which we invest with the opportunity to cooperate with the strong partners in the MEDICE Health Family and our network in the venture capital sector.


MediVentures invests venture capital in promising start-ups in the areas of biotech, diagnostics and digital therapies. In line with the MEDICE strategy but with a clear focus on technological developments in the next four to eight years, we provide financing and expertise from our networks to our portfolio companies in the early phase of their development on the healthcare market.

We try to identify new therapeutic approaches and technologies that are relevant to MEDICE at an early stage. Only a small selection of the more than 200 companies presented to us each year are examined in detail. After deciding to invest in a company, MediVentures shares the entrepreneurial risk with the start-up and other private and public venture capitalists.

The aim is not just to generate a return on the investment in our growing portfolio of companies that is appropriate for the high level of risk, but also to derive market-oriented knowledge, as part of the screening process and during the term of the investment, that is relevant to the MEDICE strategy. If the product reaches market maturity, ideally there will be numerous opportunities for cooperation projects and product licenses.

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