Developing high-quality medicines, producing them in Germany and selling them in our home market and around the world – this is the driving force behind MEDICE and thus the very heart of the Health Family. We build on innovative galenic formulations and new clinical indicators in our development activities; while in production we have expertise in producing solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage methods, differentiate ourselves from the competition through pellet technology and can work with both chemical and herbal substances. In global sales, we position ourselves as a competent and professional niche supplier, as a leading player in the treatment of ADHD, strong in nephrology and new to the field of urology. Our driving force? The right attitude: Who is the king? The customer!”

Dr. med. Dr. oec. Richard Ammer


Our aim is to become a specialist global supplier and renowned niche player, who is ranked among the top 5 in our fields of expertise ADHD/ZNS, nephrology and urology, offering a range of pharmacological and non-pharmacological products and services for healthcare providers and patients – both in Germany and around the world.


We make a substantial contribution to improving the health and quality of life of our patients and enhancing the management of these patients by doctors using innovative healthcare services by offering a portfolio of diagnostic tools, substance-based medicines and non-pharmacological intervention options more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Our focus

Prescription drugs from MEDICE mean:

  • Quality “made in Germany”, with products really produced in Germany and not just approved here on paper
  • Proven efficacy and tolerance of the treatment
  • Portfolio solutions from our fi elds of expertise listed below:

ADHD: Our broad portfolio of products and services enables individualized management of patients: non-pharmacological solutions with associated services and digital products (digital healthcare app [DiGA]) for paperless diagnostics and supporting behavioral therapy (coaching) for ADHD (medigital® offered by the team at eyelevel®); pharmacological solutions with medicines (Medikinet®, Medikinet® retard using patented pellet technology for the modified release of the active ingredient; Attentin®, Agakalin®). We are the leader in this area in the EU and Germany thanks to this successful portfolio approach. We want to treat accompanying disorders such as sleep disorders.

Nephrology: We off er a broad portfolio of products and services for the treatment of kidney diseases: Abseamed®, the first biosimilar epoetin alfa for the treatment of anaemia approved in the EU, in combination with the iron sucrose FerMed®; Nephrotrans® for the treatment of metabolic acidosis, various phosphate binders (CC-Nefro, Phosphonorm®, Caciumacetat-Nefro) and Anti-Kalium Na for the treatment of electrolyte imbalances. We aim to bring patient management in predialysis and dialysis through to kidney transplants to a whole new level using home monitoring and digital products. alf

Urology: We are a new player in this field and have launched Velariq® on the market as a pre-filled syringe with oxybutinin for intravesical application in the self-catheterization of the bladder for the treatment of neurogenic micturition disorders, a sensitive

area in which we want to simplify the treatment options with lots of empathy and a clear focus on the patient. Urologists should also be familiar with the products Nephrotrans®, Aqualibra®, Cystinol®.

In the next few years, we aim to continue our interdisciplinary work to defend our market position and rigorously expand our product portfolio internationally.

An important aspect in this context: We must say what we think, do what we say and stand by what we do.