PCC/ MEDICE with Schaper & Brümmer

We aim to become the most important pillar of the MEDICE Health Family over the next few years. We are specifically expanding our current portfolio to this end and resolutely pushing forward the internationalization of our market development activities.

Quickly integrating the phyto expertise at Schaper & Brümmer into our business area is an important strategic element for establishing and expanding our future markets.

Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Baumann


We want to be a global provider of primary and consumer care and become one of the top 5 suppliers of non-prescription healthcare products in our home market of Germany over the next ten years.


We improve the lives of our patients through diverse and innovative healthcare services.


Primary and consumer care (PCC) covers all non-prescription products and medicines sold in pharmacies (OTC), as well as medicines that are prescribed by doctors but not reimbursed by the statutory health care insurance providers (OTX). Based on its decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, PCC offers a high-quality portfolio of products and services that patients can utilize to efficiently treat everyday ailments and actively preserve their health. Furthermore, the aim is to supplement the portfolio with appropriate products and services with growth potential in the areas of basic medical care and prevention.

Our market development strategy focuses on healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacies) with the aim of offering them high-quality seminars and training courses, as well as supplementary information on patients, to provide them with long-term support in their daily work.

In the OTC sector, we support pharmacies by providing owners and their teams with comprehensive training and consulting services. We also carry out specific indication-based and seasonal campaigns in pharmacies that are accompanied by integrated media strategies. We aim to optimize access to our products beyond the existing customer pathways so that our integrated healthcare solutions are available to and easily accessible for patients in the future at all times.

The PCC business area is currently dominated by our home market of Germany, which accounts for approx. 85% of our sales. Therefore, we will focus on setting up our own companies abroad over the next few years. The aim is to increase the share accounted for by our international business to 40% within the next five years.

Phyto expertise Centre at Schaper & Brümmer

An important cornerstone of our PCC business area is the Phyto expertise Centre at Schaper & Brümmer. We enhance the expertise gained over many decades in the area of phytomedicines with cooperation projects with universities and other companies. These projects primarily focus on the development and production of new phyto products.