We have set the goal of contributing to the quality of life of people in different stages of their lives and to the conservation of a stable environment with the aid of interconnected nutritional, health and environmental concepts.

Franziska Dolle, Carsten Griesbach, Eric Neyret, Torsten von Borstel


Using our solutions in the areas of nutrition, health and environment, we want to help ensure that MEDICE –The Health Family is viewed as one of the most committed and sustainable healthcare companies in the world.


We develop innovative and integrated solutions for the areas of nutrition, health and the environment. As a result, we make it possible for companies in the Health Family to open new markets and sustainably improve the healthcare provision for people living in different types of environments. CREATE, DEVELOP and CONSERVE are the three levels of activity that provide us with a framework in this context.


We think and act holistically, confidently and sustainably in each of our three levels of activity CREATE, DEVELOP and CONSERVE.

At the level of “CREATE”, we dedicate ourselves to the origin of things and are committed to protecting vulnerable areas of nature. We create natural spaces such as flowering meadows and actively establish bee colonies as part of long-term projects.

At the level of “DEVELOP”, we will establish three product worlds over the next few years to support a health-conscious and environmentally-conscious style of nutrition:

  1. Sustainable advertising materials for customers of the MEDICE Health Family These will be mainly sourced from natural products that we cultivate and harvest ourselves to some extent, such as our honey.
  2. Healthy and varied staff catering and events at the MEDICE Campus Our employees and guests should also be able to enjoy healthy and sustainable products. This is why we will offer regional/seasonal dishes in our inhouse catering facilities that have been created by our company Friend-Ship.
  3. Nutritional solutions to support patients in their therapy We are developing concepts based on the findings of nutritional science for the business areas in the MEDICE Health Family that are designed to simplify daily nutrition for patients. The process comes full circle at the level of “CONSERVE” because, with the aid of our company GREEN GUIDES, we are implementing concepts to optimize kitchen processes and procedures in the catering market with respect to conserving resources and protecting the climate and environment. We are focusing here on preventing food waste, which in turn will sustainably improve the basic conditions for our first level of activity “CREATE” over the long term.