Acting on the basis of values

The "how" matters

New paths require a sense of direction. Our values help us to make the right decisions and always keep the “how” in mind. Similar to a beacon, they point the way for us and give all those involved security. This is why we hold an ongoing lively discussion about values within the company, which helps us to follow our path together with conviction.

Especially for a family company, value orientation has a special significance. To a large extent, it is also the legacy of my ancestors.

Dr. med. Katja Pütter-Ammer

Sustainability as family value

In its vision, MEDICE deliberately refers to its tradition as a family company. The decisions of today should form a solid foundation for coming generations. This practised responsibility leads to solutions of sustainable and thus future-oriented quality and scope. Sustainability is a family value.

The MEDICE innovation and value engine

Over 1,000 ambitious employees are now continuing the success story. Around 400 million euros in sales and annual growth rates of 10% and more in the last 20 years document the company’s growing strength. With its strategically oriented and steadily growing innovation portfolio, MEDICE is well-positioned for the future.

Combined with the family values we live by, this results in a strong and constant driving force into the future.

Our three values provide us with orientation

Practising values in The Health Family

As the Health Family, we share and practise our values. They provide us with orientation and create a reliable basis for our communication and decisions. We think and act:

  • future-focused
  • value-creating
  • family-oriented

Future-focused: A future orientation and the desire for innovation associated with this creates security. Standing still means risk and danger.

Value-creating: Creating value for society and health. This involves establishing better care through efficient health solutions. Values that are created, in turn, mean security for the company and its employees.

Family-oriented: Family means cohesion in terms of shared goals.

These values strengthen our feeling of togetherness and give us a sense of identification. At the same time, they also influence the positive perception of our authentic brand among all stakeholder groups.

Values provide employees with orientation and make them feel secure in their day-to-day work. However, they also give all of us a certain sense of pride and the conviction that we stand for the right thing.

Annick Berreur-Igersheim

The MEDICE Health Family, that’s all of us!