Meditonsin® Drops

Natural. Unique. Good.

Meditonsin® is indicated for the treatment of colds and inflammation of the throat. Meditonsin® is a natural medicine that has been tried and tested for decades. It contains three active ingredients - a natural tri-complex, which gives the body targeted impulses to activate its own healing energies (T-cell activation)1. Taken at the first signs of a cold, Meditonsin® can prevent the typical, unpleasant symptoms of a cold from developing fully. This can lead to milder illness and a shorter recovery time2.

Cold relief medication

  • Use at the first signs of a cold
  • Triggers the body’s defence mechanisms
  • Suitable for the whole family*

* From 7 months of age after consulting a doctor; from 1 year as self-medication.

1 Schmidbauer M et al. Grippaler Infekt: Naturstoffkombination wirkt anti-viral [Flu-like infection: natural substance combination has anti-viral effect]. Phyto-Kompass. 2014;6:26-29.

2 Jöckel KH, Ose C et al. Wirksame Therapie bei akuter Entzündung des Hals-, Nasen- und Rachenraums [Effective therapy for treatment of acute inflammation of the nasopharyngeal region]. Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, 2005; 5:2-4.