Stilaxx® cough suppressant junior – for children aged 1 and over

The herbal cough suppressant. Suppresses the urge to cough and relaxes the throat.

With the unique and innovative triple-complex Icelandic formulation, Stilaxx® cough suppressants are effective against dry coughs.

  • immediate and long-lasting soothing effect
  • contains the innovative triple-complex Icelandic formulation
  • very well tolerated
  • for children and infants from the age of 1
  • fruity raspberry flavour
  • herbal, free of both alcohol and sugar

For centuries, Icelanders have relied on the healing powers of Icelandic moss to treat dry irritating coughs. Nowadays, in modern herbal remedies, Icelandic moss is used in conjunction with marshmallow root and liquorice root for the effective management of dry irritating coughs.

Stilaxx® cough suppressants are characterised by a unique, high-quality, production process which creates the unique Icelandic formulation from three herbal extracts - Icelandic moss, marshmallow root and liquorice root. The triple complex provides rapid, long-lasting relief for dry, irritating coughs. The ingredients of the Icelandic formulation envelop the mucous membranes in the throat/pharynx like a balm, with the rapid onset of a soothing effect. Compared to traditional cough preparations, Stilaxx® cough suppressants are used specifically for dry irritating coughs.