MediGel® Wound Cleaning Spray

Pain-free wound cleaning without the sting

MediGel® Wound Cleaning Spray is an alcohol-free solution for cleaning and moisturising wounds.

  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Pain-free application - no stinging
  • Very kind on the skin
  • Colourless

For proper healing to occur it is important for the wound to be clean. Thorough, skin-kind wound cleaning is always the top priority. MediGel® Wound Cleaning Spray has been developed specifically for this purpose. Impurities and micro-organisms (e.g. MRSA) are loosened effectively and gently flushed out of the wound. The spray also contains zinc and iron ions, which optimise the pH in the wound and stimulate wound healing even at the cleaning stage.

Good to know:

MediGel® Wound Cleaning Spray can also be used to detach adhesive dressings and wound crusts.