Soventol® Gel

Effective relief for insect bites

Soventol® Gel contains the antihistamine bamipine and is an absolute classic in the treatment of insect bites. It reduces redness and relieves itching. The active ingredient bamipine effectively reduces swelling, burning and redness.

  • Rapid relief of itching
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Cools + reduces swelling
  • Suitable for the whole family without age restrictions

Practical when on the move: Soventol® Itch Relief Pen with cooling and soothing ingredients. The Itch Relief Pen is small, practical and leak-proof, and it does not melt.

NEW RELEASE: Soventol® Itch Relief Spray – the modern alternative for insect bites. Soventol® Itch Relief Spray simultaneously soothes and cools itchy and irritated skin. A big advantage: simple and easy to use as no rubbing in is required.