Soventol® Hydrocortisone ACETATE 0,5%

Effective relief for irritated skin

Sunburn, sun allergy, irritated skin. The slightest touch causes pain. Your skin feels like its burning, often accompanied by intense itching. Soventol® Hydrocortisone ACETATE 0.5% with its innovative gel cream technology can help you out.

  • Innovative gel cream developed exclusively by dermatologists
  • Rapid active substance release
  • Relieves itching
  • Prevents inflammation

...and has good tolerability

The “gel cream” developed exclusively for Soventol® with the assistance of experienced dermatologists has many additional positive features: The active substances to prevent inflammation and relieve itching are released very rapidly and efficiently. The product also has a pleasant cooling effect. Soventol® Hydrocortisone ACETATE 0.5% is free from classic surface active emulsifiers and is therefore also particularly suitable for the treatment of sun allergies such as acne aestivalis.

If you have very dry and inflamed skin:
Soventol® HydroCort 0.5% cream with its special moisturising formula aids intensive moisturisation and regeneration. The cream is particularly suitable for extensive skin conditions such as skin allergies, skin inflammation, eczema and mild forms of neurodermatitis.