Greater participation in the future field of intestinal health


MEDICE increased its stake in Theralution GmbH to 51% at the end of February, which means that Theralution GmbH is now even more strongly integrated into the MEDICE Health Family as an official subsidiary.

Theralution is a leading medical service provider for physicians in the field of intestinal wall diagnostics and therapy. Based on the current state of scientific knowledge, Theralution provides medical offices and clinics with an integrated diagnostic and therapeutic world.

In the future, the value-adding integration of Theralution into the network of the Health Family is to be advanced in order to support the individual members of the MEDICE Health Family, in particular MEDICE, Schaper & Brümmer and Medigital, on their further growth course through synergy effects.

The common goal is to help more and more (chronically) ill patients with diagnostics and subsequent therapy according to the Theralution model.