Our vision and mission

Our Vision

Our vision statement briefly outlines where we want to go over the next few years. It clearly explains our aspiration and defines a comprehensible goal.

Based on our long-standing traditions as a family-run company, we will palpably shape the future of medicine over the coming decade. We will become a leading global developer and provider of innovative, integrated and highly diverse healthcare solutions.

We are the Health Family for our patients, doctors, pharmacists, employees and partners.

Our Mission

Our mission statement explains the reasons why and thus provides some insight into the motivation behind our day-to-day activities.

Improving the health and lives of people in as many areas as possible is what motivates us on a daily basis.

We develop the best possible, integrated solutions to help people in every phase of their illness by resolutely focusing on the needs of patients, doctors and pharmacists.

In the process, we always act responsibly and sustainably as a Health Family for the benefit of people and the environment.