MEDICE donates hardware to support children and young people


MEDICE is providing about 357 devices as a donation - including 214 desktops and 143 notebooks, as well as the respective charging cables, docking stations, and small monitors. The reason for the donation is the desire to not simply dispose the devices that have been discarded by the employees, but to be able to reuse them completely or in individual parts, in order to ensure a sustainable further utilization of the devices beyond their primary use. 

At "Hey, Alter!", the collected hardware is equipped with the necessary operating system and other software after a thorough cleaning of the data storage devices. The computers are then delivered to schools, where they are handed over to the students. Following the motto "Old computers for young people," the refurbished devices will provide students and refugees with access to eLearning services and homeschooling. This not only ensures the sustainability of devices that are still in working order, but also takes account of social responsibility toward disadvantaged children, young people and refugees.

The equipment and materials that can no longer be fully used or reused elsewhere are then handed over to Elorec GmbH by representatives of the "Hey, Alter!" campaign. Here, the equipment will be disposed of in a legally compliant manner and, above all, as sustainable as possible. A special feature is the company's Ghana project, the "Electro Recycling Ghana Limited". Ghana is home to one of the largest landfills for electronic waste in Africa. In order to obtain the valuable metals, children and young people melt the cables and circuit boards contained therein, exposing themselves to great health risks. The Ghana project of Elorec GmbH wants to change that: The professional dismantling of old equipment in the African country makes it possible to recover clean secondary materials, reuse them and carefully dispose critical substances. This creates a functioning recycling economy and sustainable jobs for young adults in Ghana.

MEDICE's social commitment is not only an essential part of our corporate strategy, but has also been anchored in the DNA of our family-owned company since the beginning. We firmly believe that the health of people and the environment are our most important values. In combination with the strong ambition to promote the good in society, to help and support people, MEDICE thus creates a comprehensive commitment to the environment, culture and social issues - united in the philosophy "MEDICE - From Generations for Generations".