MEDICE Health Family acquires "femfeel" app for women's health during menopause


The vision of the MEDICE Health Family as an integrated innovative healthcare provider is to expand the lives of patients, but also the therapy options for physicians beyond the idea of pharmaceuticals.

medigital was founded in 2023 within the MEDICE Health Family to bundle the various initiatives in the field of digital health into one competence center. medigital develops and markets digital therapy options with the aim of closing gaps in care, making health more efficient and giving patients a greater degree of autonomy and self-determination. medigital spans the Health Family's full range of therapies, from central nervous system disorders to nephrology, urology and women's health.

With the market-leading Remifemin preparations, women have been supported for many years in the effective fight against menopausal symptoms. In line with the strategic focus, the portfolio is now being specifically supplemented by a digital offering with the acquisition of the "femfeel" app.

"Digital health solutions will continue to gain importance in the coming years. We see a lot of growth potential here and are excited to take an important step in this direction with the acquisition of femfeel," explains Dr. Richard Ammer, Managing Partner of MEDICE.

Since its launch in 2020, femfeel has established itself as a leading platform to digitally accompany women through their menopause. In addition to various informational articles on menopause, the self-pay app also offers the option of tracking and evaluating complaints. This helps users to recognize patterns, identify triggers for complaints and adjust their measures accordingly. In addition, the app offers courses by experts who show how exercise, nutrition and stress reduction can improve well-being during menopause.

"With our digital expertise, MEDICE Health Family is the right healthcare partner for patients," says Felix Lambrecht, Managing Director of the digital Health Family division medigital. The investment in the femfeel app is intended to secure and further expand the Health Family's pioneering role in the field of digital health applications.

With these and other collaborations in the field of digital health solutions, the MEDICE Health Family is creating all the necessary conditions to provide patients and their relatives with care far beyond the currently feasible therapy level in the future.