MEDICE Health Family further expands digital health division "medigital


With the goal of becoming the leading developer and provider of integrated and diverse health solutions, MEDICE has made targeted investments in companies from the digital health and nutrition sectors in recent years in order to integrate them into the overall concept. The MEDICE Health Family no longer only manufactures pharmaceuticals, but now also develops digital health solutions in addition to pharmaceutical ones. This move is in response to a changing healthcare market, where new therapies and services are emerging and growth is being fueled by increasing digitalization.

In the last ten years, a new field of products has opened up for the MEDICE Health Family with "Digital Health", whose "active ingredient" are algorithms, apps and sensors. In order to cope with the complexity of the tasks involved and to strategically align the company in the new market of digital therapeutics, eyelevel was initially founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of MediVentures, which is dedicated to child and adolescent psychiatry with its digital solutions.

In order to take into account the ever-growing importance of digital care models and to be able to make even better use of the resulting opportunities for and within the MEDICE Health Family, medigital was founded at the beginning of this year, which is responsible for the entire digital health business of the Health Family at the Iserlohn site and, above all, is intended to link this more closely with the core business.

As the next logical step, eyelevel will now be transferred from the area of the venture arm to the core business area of the MEDICE Health Family and merged with medigital to form a single unit. This will allow synergies to be exploited and structures to be created for digital innovation creation in all MEDICE core areas. This also includes the establishment of a common IT infrastructure, with the help of which digital applications can be scaled quickly. Many existing processes at eyelevel, especially those relating to quality management and regulatory affairs, will be transferred to medigital.

By merging the competencies of eyelevel and medigital, the MEDICE Health Family creates all the necessary conditions to provide patients and their relatives with care far beyond the currently feasible therapy level in the future. medigital is intended to improve the success of therapy and thus the lives of patients, in which therapists as well as patients will have the opportunity to use digital interventions in addition to pharmacological therapies in the future. This will increase the toolbox of therapies and enable even more individualized and personalized care for people.

"The new structure creates optimal conditions for the success of Health Family's transformation. In recent weeks and also in the near future, many organizational prerequisites have to be created for this." The statement from the CEO of medigital, Dr. Felix Lambrecht, regarding the positive effects on the transformation process of the Health Family is substantiated by current measures, such as the launch of Mellozzan® and the medigital sleep app.

Sleep problems are a very common accompanying condition in children affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With Mellozzan®, a drug containing the sleep hormone melatonin, we were able to add another valuable component to our international product portfolio.

As a complement to this pharmacological treatment, the medigital sleep app explicitly addresses the topic of evening routines and sleep hygiene in children, in contrast to the apps already available on the market.

With its market-leading Remifemin preparations, the MEDICE Health Family has been supporting women in their effective fight against menopausal symptoms for many years. Now, with the acquisition of the app "femfeel", the portfolio is specifically supplemented by a digital offering: femfeel has established itself as a leading platform to digitally accompany women through their menopause since their start in 2020. In addition to various informational articles on menopause, the self-pay app also offers the option of tracking and evaluating complaints. This helps users to recognize patterns, identify triggers for complaints and adapt their measures accordingly. In addition, the app offers courses from experts, who show how exercise, nutrition and stress reduction can and stress reduction can improve well-being during menopause.

Various examples of successful transformations show the importance of value-creating integration through closer cooperation between the product managers of the country organizations and the product managers of medigital.

"It is my personal goal to connect the competencies of the MEDICE Health Family companies so that our vision - to become a leading global developer and provider of innovative, integrated and diverse health solutions - can be realized." The quote from Dr. Katja Pütter-Ammer illustrates how important it is to strengthen the pharmaceutical business with further new business models in the areas of digital health and nutrition and to create new so-called "ecosystems" for our patients by linking the strategic pillars with each other.