Physical and mental health

We make a significant contribution to improving the health and quality of life of our patients and medical patient management not only with substance-based medicinal products but also with innovative health services and non-pharmacological intervention options. In doing so, we are mindful that entrepreneurial activities always have an effect on society.

The targeted interlinking of entrepreneurial activity and social involvement is thus of great importance.

Dr. med. Dr. oec. Richard Ammer

More than just medicinal products – people helping people

As an innovative pharmaceutical company in the fields of mental health, nephrology and self-medication, we have close links to doctors, scientists and patient organisations. Our aim is to constantly further develop advancements in medicine and patients’ quality of care at a high level.

As a Health Family, we are thus a pioneer in the field of patient-centred health management, in which pharmacological treatments and nutrition are connected via digital platforms and are optimised individually based on data.

Mental health

With services designed around the patient, we make customised health management possible:

Patients and caregivers should be able to choose the optimum mix of pharmacological and non- pharmacological treatment options. In view of the high demands on therapists, we, as a Health Family, have set ourselves the goal of helping them to make this selection in the best possible way. Alongside medicinal products (Medikinet®, Medikinet® retard using patented pellet technology for the modified release of the active ingredient, Medikinet® adult, Attentin®, Agakalin®), we will be constantly expanding our range of digital interventions, such as behaviour thera- py for ADHD, training and courses for parents, in the coming years. With hiToco, we offer eviden- ce-based, individually adapted parent training in order to strengthen parenting skills and help parents understand behavioural problems in ADHD or disorders of social behaviour with op- positional behaviour disorder.


The start of dialysis treatment means a profound impact on daily life for all those concerned. Alongside regular dialysis, this also involves concomitant medicinal treatment and dietary modifications. These changes cause a great deal of mental stress for patients, but also for caregivers and doctors. Besides an extensive portfolio of treatments for kidney patients, we are developing digital therapeutic guides that take patients by the hand, from predialysis and dialysis to kidney transplantation. Fears can be addressed, diet and lifestyle are improved and comprehensive monitoring of the complex disease pattern takes place. In this way, we enable patients to lead a better life with their illness and take pressure off those who look after these patients day after day.

A good diet makes an essential contribution to a long, healthy life. This understanding is already firmly anchored in the Health Family and will also continue to play an important role in our strategic orientation in the future.

One of the first projects involved switching staff catering over to fresh, regional organic products. Certified suppliers from the local region supply fresh produce, which is turned into healthy dishes based on a seasonal concept and served in the in-house staff restaurant.

The MEDICE Health Family has also earmarked nutritional medicine (to support treatment in our core indications) as a key development field of the future.


The field of self-medication comprises all non-prescription products that are purchased in pharmacies (e.g. Meditonsin®, Dorithricin®, Soventol®, Perenterol®, Cystinol®), and medicinal products that are prescribed by doctors but are not reimbursed by health insurance companies. In this area, too, our mission is to improve the lives of our patients with diverse and innovative health services.