"With diverse digital solutions, we want to enable therapists to individualize and improve patient management with non-pharmacological intervention options on the one hand, while increasing patient sovereignty on the other."

Dr. Felix Lambrecht


We shape healthcare through digitalization - for a healthier world.

medigital understands the meaning of healthcare in a digital age and supports the MEDICE Health Family in establishing solutions that sustainably strengthen the healthcare system.


Providing patients with holistic care, opening up new therapeutic options and creating efficiencies in the healthcare system: digital therapeutics and diagnostic solutions will enable more patients to receive better care more quickly in the future, physicians and therapists to enjoy their work more, and people to manage their health better. To achieve this, we combine know-how from the pharmaceutical sector with new technologies to create healthcare solutions based on psychology, algorithms and information technology.


"Creating new offerings together" - we want to serve the established markets of the MEDICE Health Family in CNS, nephrology and women's health with a new portfolio of offerings in the coming years. To this end, we are building a joint portfolio of pharmacological and non-pharmacological, i.e. digital, interventions that will open new therapeutic pathways for prescribers. In addition, we will also make these non-pharmacological offerings available through "direct-to-consumer" channels to patients and sufferers themselves to create even broader access to state-of-the-art care. Direct contact with patients also generates very valuable health data, which can be used anonymously to develop new offerings.

In Women's Health, the acquisition of femfeel created a pioneering portfolio with the Schaper & Brümmer product Remifemin. In CNS, we will conduct a dual launch in Germany for the first time with the medigital Sleep App and Mellozzan, and then launch further offerings for children and adults with ADHD and depression (in cooperation with Selfapy). In nephrology, we are focusing on empowering patients through a nephropsychology program in pre-dialysis and a portfolio to improve comorbidities in dialysis. Here, the goal is for patients to learn to cope with their disease, avoid complications and thus also better self-manage.