eyelevel is communication that heals. We develop products that strengthen relationships between physicians, parents and their children by generating more understanding for each other; this enables them to communicate as equals and work together for a healthier future.

André Gerber, Ben Luther, Kevin Gerber


We will create the new digital standard of care in child and adolescent psychiatry. We will produce scalable, digital, diagnostic and therapeutic tools. eyelevel will help those affected and their doctors to communicate better and provide low-threshold access to digital healthcare solutions to ensure the system within and around the family is properly connected.


We enable direct communication between all parties and the exchange of all relevant treatment data via a platform. This will ensure a more effective provision of care to those affected and their social circle. The three pillars that provide the framework in this context are Foundation, Prevention and Indication.


Children and adolescents are now faced with huge challenges in their personal development. Climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, numerous economic and political conflicts and not least the advance of new technology place a burden on us all, but especially on families. As part of the Health Family, we create solutions that support families in their everyday lives to overcome the resulting burden and promote their mental health. Our main focus is placed on digital healthcare apps – i.e. software as a medical product – that help to prevent, diagnose and treat various psychological disorders in children and adolescents.

Our task is to find cases in which we can make a difference using our software. Using this approach, we can develop highly innovative products and a comprehensive range of services to improve the current standard of care step by step.

We want to make it as easy and safe as possible for all involved to use our products and services. Therefore, we develop every component in cooperation with experts and those affected. We provide access to individual components (micro apps) free of charge as part of our non-profit activities (Foundation). These components are then enhanced to create solutions that generate value for users in their everyday lives – irrespective of an existing diagnosis – so that they are willing to pay for them (Prevention).

The final stage of the process is to clinically evaluate the products – using a process similar to that used for medicines – to verify their safety and medical benefits for specific indicators (Indication). We then use a standardized process to decide which innovative products should ultimately be added to the MEDICE portfolio so that, after being the market leader for ADHD medicines and therapy in Europe for many years, MEDICE can exploit the opportunity of also becoming the leader in the new world of digital therapy for psychological illnesses in children and adolescents.