We are developing the future field of intestinal health. The driving forces behind our development are the close interconnection with science, the systematic digitalization of our business model and our integration into the Health Family network with a focus on adding value.

Dr. med. Kay Bredehorst, Nadja Neubauer


At the interface between science and medical practice, we develop and sell pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic concepts/products for intestinal health. Our aim is to become the national and European market leader in this future fi eld of medicine.


We understand how vitally important the intestines are to people's health. Therefore, we carry out research to develop new evidence-based solutions for use in medical practice.

As a member of the MEDICE Health Family and an innovative partner for doctors, we are driven by the desire to help chronically ill people and improve their health and quality of life in the long term through our ambitious work.


Theralution is the leading medical provider for doctors in the area of intestinal wall diagnostics and therapeutics.

Using the latest scientific findings, we provide practices and clinics with an integrated range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. This enables doctors’ surgeries to successfully treat a high proportion of patients with diseases associated with the intestines, who account for around 25% of all patients. To selectively push our expansion forward, we have become a pioneer in the provision of digital support to doctors’ surgeries.

Alongside the full digitalization of our range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools, we also provide our doctors and their teams who perform at the surgery with access to training courses, further education and other services designed to enhance quality via our IT platform.

In the next few years,

In the next few years, we will invest a huge amount of effort to rigorously align and expand our product portfolio in line with the requirements of therapeutic practice. The focus will be placed on novel prebiotics and probiotics, as well as fermenters. There are also plans to establish Theralution intestinal centers of expertise in selected major cities in Germany and interdisciplinary medical treatment centers in suitable locations.