MediGel® Rapid Wound Healing

A modern approach to wound healing Fast-acting. Effective. For everyday wounds.

Developed by dermatologists: the hydroactive lipogel contains zinc and iron ions to help maintain optimal pH levels in the wound. Rapid recovery with modern moist wound healing.

  • Hydroactive lipogel Contains zinc + iron ions for optimal pH levels.
  • pH-optimised moist wound environment Promotes new tissue growth and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Superior moist wound healing* Aids rapid healing. No scabs. No tension pain.
  • Innovative formulation Without a lipid film. No white marks. No sticky feeling.

Wound healing experts today recognise that a moist wound environment (without a scab) provides positive support for natural wound healing, making the healing process significantly faster. MediGel® Rapid Wound Healing has taken the principles of moist wound healing even further: the special hydroactive formulation with zinc and iron creates optimal pH levels in the moist wound environment. At the same time, the trace elements zinc and iron support the growth of new tissue. In this way, healing times can be significantly reduced in comparison to standard dry wound healing.

MediGel® – our formula for success from clinical wound healing for the treatment of everyday wounds.

* in comparison to dry wound healing