Soventol® PROTECT

Intensive spray protection against mosquitoes and ticks

Soventol® PROTECT intensive protection spray is available in two varieties: protection against mosquitoes or ticks. Soventol® PROTECT provides 7 hours of protection against mosquitoes and 6 hours of protection against ticks. Due to its excellent tolerability, it is suitable for use in children from 1 year of age.

  • Intensive protection from your pharmacy
  • Effective for up to 7 or 6 hours
  • Plant-based active ingredient
  • Good tolerability
  • Suitable for children over 1 year
  • Water-resistant + sweat-proof
  • 360° spray system

With Soventol® PROTECT, Soventol® now offers these two products for protection against mosquitoes and ticks. In addition to its reliable protection, Soventol® PROTECT also has the benefit of a pleasant aroma and a practical 360° spray system, allowing you to spray your calves, feet and back with ease. As it is also water-resistant and sweat-proof, Soventol® PROTECT is ideal for sportsmen and activity lovers – what is the use of a top-class repellent that disappears when you sweat or come into contact with water? Soventol® PROTECT is available in your local pharmacy.